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11 Jan, 2019

The solutions that are developed will provide answers

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Through its reinforcements, it furthers the quest for composites that are compatible with high production rates.NCF HP2: INVENTING A NEW GENERATION OF CARBON TEXTILESChomarat has brought Solvay,

Mécanium and the University of Nantes together for the joint NCF HP2 project to develop a new generation of multiaxial carbon fabrics, along with the associated textile processes for producing thermoset composites parts for the aerospace and automotive industries.Chomarat is sponsoring the project, which has a budget of 4 million euros and has obtained seal of approval from the Techtera,

Axelera and Viameca competitive clusters. Joining the AMRC gives us the opportunity to pass along Printing Fabric Manufacturers our vision, and also to work with key players like Boeing, Rolls-Royce, and Airbus in developing the technologies of the future,” says Chomarat Group Managing Director Michel Cognet.Posted May 31, 2017Source: Chomarat.

The solutions that are developed will provide answers in terms of mechanical properties, weight lowering, and cost-effectiveness, which are priority criteria in aerospace and automotive!” concludes Chomarat Group R&T Director Philippe Sanial


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