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Vector owes its reliability to the multiple sensors

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“A pioneering solution in the Internet of Things, Vector was the first cutting solution on the market connected to the Internet and which used a system Waterproof Fabric Suppliers of predictive maintenance.

Vectors installed across the world communicate in real time with Lectra’s five international call centers, where experts can immediately intervene remotely.

Vector owes its reliability to the multiple sensors with which it is equipped. The Vector range fully answers Industry 4. Vector’s record machine availability — more than 98 percent — plus its overall performance minimizes the cost per piece, bringing profitability to operations for Lectra customers.

In addition, Vector’s cutting precision and the capacity to produce pieces without spaces equates to significant gains in materials, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for manufacturers.

The solutions that are developed will provide answers

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Through its reinforcements, it furthers the quest for composites that are compatible with high production rates.NCF HP2: INVENTING A NEW GENERATION OF CARBON TEXTILESChomarat has brought Solvay,

Mécanium and the University of Nantes together for the joint NCF HP2 project to develop a new generation of multiaxial carbon fabrics, along with the associated textile processes for producing thermoset composites parts for the aerospace and automotive industries.Chomarat is sponsoring the project, which has a budget of 4 million euros and has obtained seal of approval from the Techtera,

Axelera and Viameca competitive clusters. Joining the AMRC gives us the opportunity to pass along Printing Fabric Manufacturers our vision, and also to work with key players like Boeing, Rolls-Royce, and Airbus in developing the technologies of the future,” says Chomarat Group Managing Director Michel Cognet.Posted May 31, 2017Source: Chomarat.

The solutions that are developed will provide answers in terms of mechanical properties, weight lowering, and cost-effectiveness, which are priority criteria in aerospace and automotive!” concludes Chomarat Group R&T Director Philippe Sanial

Expanding our footprint to additional regions is a step

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Posted September 22, 2017Source: Mount Vernon FR. – September 22, 2017 — Mount Vernon FR continues to innovate and grow, expanding the company’s global footprint for flame resistant fabrics.

“This is a strategic move in growing the global supply chain Printing Fabric Suppliers for Mount Vernon FR fabrics,” said Mike Woods, vice president of flame resistant fabrics for Mount Vernon FR.

The company’s expansion will open distribution channels for Mount Vernon FR fabrics in these regions, helping to fulfill increasing demand. In addition to the United States and Canada – where Mount Vernon FR has had a steady presence for the last several years – Mount Vernon FR fabric will now be available in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Central and South America.

“Expanding our footprint to additional regions is a logical next step as our business continues to innovate and grow, and the expansion enables us to provide customers across the globe with access to durable, high-performing fabrics from Mount Vernon FR,” added Woods.

The company also added other man-made fiber production

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Eastman introduced Curtain Fabrics Suppliers first into the intimates market, but other potential markets include women&8217;s ready-to-wear, home textiles, accessories and technical textiles. The company also added other man-made fiber production and became more involved in industrial chemicals and plastics production.

We’ve also found out that with Naia, you get very good soil release,” he added, noting the fiber’s top ratings in soil release tests involving makeup, coffee, red wine, cooking oil and dirt.

It is today a global company with four business segments — Additives & Functional Products; Advanced Materials; Chemical Intermediates; and Fibers — and sales and/or manufacturing sites on six continents.Tennessee Eastman spun off from Eastman Kodak in 1994 and became Eastman Chemical. It also exhibited poor abrasion resistance.

Naia is derived from pine or eucalyptus pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests mostly in the Americas. It has a different type of polymer backbone than other cellulosic materials,” Jacobs 

The optimal reinforcement structure and allof the steps

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Even though the Grid fabric has designed gaps which resemble a lattice, its characteristics are similar to other TeXtreme Spread Tow reinforcements.

I am sure this new TeXtreme version will also unveil new opportunities in an even broader spectrum of applications. We believe that this development brings a great value to our customers as we will be able to further optimize the reinforcement solution for each application.

This new grid material can be used in monolithic structures as well as for sandwich skins in either a prepregged form or dry form for infusion.BORÅS, Sweden — March 21, 2018 — TeXtreme® is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of Spread Tow products, the  ±45° Grid fabric.

During this support, we saw a demand for even lighter fabrics, so Stretched Fabrics Manufacturers we decided to invest in and develop this new technology.Andreas Martsman continued,

“We work in close cooperation with our clients, providing them with technical support which starts with selecting the optimal reinforcement structure and allof the steps up to and including the production process.Andreas Martsman, vice president, marketing & sales, Oxeon, said: “We are very pleased to introduce another innovative extension of the TeXtreme product family. 

Clean cut warp knit and anti-roll circular knits

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SEOUL, South Korea  — June 25, 2018 — Wide Textile Fabrics Manufacturers will showcase lifestyle and sustainable fabrics for swimwear, lingerie and activewear including:New range of creora® Color+ dyeable spandex with higher power for deeper, darker colors with better compression in new shapewear, bras and activewear pants;

Ethereal knits are so fine, they effortlessly glide and embrace the skin, with powdery touch for a magical, cosmetic feel for all applications.

Next GenToday’s consumer wants an enhanced silhouette from shapewear with comfort and high levels performance plus an injection of decorative appeal and color. Shapewear is taking its traditional technology teamed with today’s functional yarns and knitting techniques in creating a next generation offering.

Clean cut warp knit and anti-roll circular knits provide a smooth finish as VPL is eliminated. Shape wear is also reaching to new areas, not just designed to briefs, panties and thigh-slimming, butt-lifting shorts, and new engineered bras, with lift, support, and enhanced comfort by eliminating the traditional underwire.BountifulWith an increase in sports, health and wellbeing, the consumer continues to embark on an array of activities, including high level impact to leisurely weekend wear intimates and essential styles for active lifestyles.


The new fabric cutting machines were first installed

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2- to 3.K. The eco-power vacuum system guarantees considerable power savings at only 5. Group,” comments Ram Sareen.Posted August 11, 2018Source: Tukatech.5 kW, the lowest in comparable industry cutting machines. 

“Similar to engineering companies like AMG partnering with Daimler-Benz to offer an amazingly high-performance vehicle to drivers who appreciate the engineering, we offer just the same with our partnership with F.

The new TUKAcut machine is a Tukatech original cutting solution and allows Tukatech to offer garment manufacturers reliable fabric cutting machines at competitive prices.Other features include the highest productivity per hour cutting denim with zero buffer, as well as a cut path optimizer that results in 2.LOS ANGELES — August 11, 2018 — Tukatech has launched clean air filtration and lowest energy consumption TUKAcut cutting systems, certified by the TÜV SÜD Italia Machine Energy Protocol MEP.

The new fabric cutting machines were first installed in Lahore, Pakistan, at Combined Fabrics, the largest supplier of knit garments to Levi’s. Tukatech was the first partner of F. Tukatech demonstrated their cutting room expertise by helping us engineer another vendor’s cutting system before we even considered adopting TUKAcut for automatic fabric cutting. Sheikh Tariq Mehmood, director of Combined Fabrics, explained that the company was already, “very happy users of TUKAcad, TUKA3D, and SMARTmark.


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